live civilly, inc./Moorestown High School Special Needs Jobs Training Partnership


While many people are aware of the live civilly, inc./Moorestown Ministerium Food Pantry, they may not be aware of all of the outreach it conducts.  In addition to providing local families with Nutritional Support, the pantry also provides patrons with domestic-education opportunities.  Thanks to local “Coupon Sherpa” Jill Comman, in 2013 the pantry started supplying patrons with coupons that they can select and take with them for days when shopping is essential and funds are tight.


In an effort to broaden the impact of this outreach opportunity, live civilly, inc. is taking the couponing one step further.  2014 marks the beginning of the live civilly, inc./Moorestown High School (MHS) Special Needs Job Training Partnership where students in the MHS Special Needs Jobs Training Program can further develop their skills.  In partnership with teachers Margie Bard and Kim Warren, live civilly, inc. is collecting coupons for the students to cut and organize.  Once the students have finished their “couponing” exercise, the coupons are returned to live civilly, inc. for delivery to one or more of the local food pantries.


The students in the Jobs Training Program are enthusiastic and dedicated!  The act of clipping coupons helps these students further develop their gross and fine motor skills as well as enhance their organizational skills.  Each week, coupons are collected from various locations and delivered to the students at Moorestown High School.  These students pay careful attention to detail while cutting and then organizing coupons according to category.  When the coupons have been completed the students deliver the coupons back tolive civilly, inc. during one of their scheduled work days off-site.


live civilly, inc. is seeking donations of weekly newspaper coupons.  This is an easy activity for youth (and adults) of all ages.  Simply collect coupons and deliver them to the Moorestown High School, Trinity Episcopal Pre-School or the Church Street Recreation Center.  Drop boxes will be labeled at each facility.


Why collect coupons? live civilly, inc. is all about leveraging the small efforts of many to make a big difference for all. By collecting coupons we offer opportunities to Special Needs Students to develop skills and provide a service to help others.  The coupons provide assistance to families trying to make dollars stretch.  This is a collaborative effort that anyone can participate in and that ultimately serves our fellow citizen.  …people helping people helping people helping people…


Do you get a Sunday newspaper with coupons?  Mailers that boast savings at local grocery stores?  How about your neighbors?  Is there someone in your house who would like to help collect the coupons and get them to the Jobs Training Program?  What a wonderful way for so many different groups within our community to connect for a common cause and for so many groups to benefit from one activity!


Collected coupons can be delivered weekly to the following locations:

  • Church Street Recreation Center, 111 West Second Street, Moorestown
  • Trinity Episcopal Church, Pre-School, Corner of Church and Main Streets, Moorestown
  • Moorestown High School, Bridgeboro Road, Moorestown


For more information or questions, please contact Kahra Buss at kahra@livecivilly.org