To encourage every-day philanthropy and participation starting with our youngest citizens: To create a culture of understanding, connectivity and community and thereby offering children real opportunities for active engagement and empowering them to care for themselves and for one another.Live Civilly Approach

By engaging children in their pre-teen years live civilly intends to prepare them to be conscientious decision makers for life.

live civilly strives to offer treatment to the symptoms of social strife by addressing the root cause and encouraging active participation today’s youth. By finding the intersection of philanthropy and capitalism, live civilly is establishing a sustainable social foundation for success.

Over the last four years live civilly has increased its volunteer base by nearly 900%. Additionally, the food pantry live civilly opened in 2011 has increased the number of people served monthly by over 250%.

Leveraging the talents and ability of each individual creates a stronger, more vital community. Focusing on three primary socio-economic divisions – nutritional security, educational security and life skills security – live civilly encourages children to engage with one another and to help one another. Offering our youngest, most impressionable community members the opportunity to make a difference in another person’s life is how we break down barriers, overcome apathy and promote active engagement.

Offering hands on community service opportunities and programs helps young people to develop empathy, care for themselves, care for one another and empowers them to become productive and active members within their communities.

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