weighing the bounty 2009

live civilly began as a family project in the spring of 2009 when founders Anna (9), Grace (5) and Abigail Buss (2) became aware that homelessness and hunger happens every day, in their town, in their community and all over the world. But they also began to understand that homelessness and hunger are merely symptoms of greater social problems.

To address the symptom of hunger the girls began to raise food by conducting independent food drives. After two very successful food drives they decided they needed to continue their efforts through fundraising and get more people involved. They created the live civilly campaign. Using Grace’s favorite drawing subject, her Little Man, they created the slogan live civilly. To each girl the words live civilly mean something different. To Anna, now 15 it means “being a part of a community – something bigger than yourself.” To Grace, now 11, it means “helping people and doing good things.” To Abigail, now 9, it means “being good.”

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