Seven years ago, my family and I began a tradition that we had no idea would grow the way that it did. It was 10 people, in our house, trying to make as many sandwiches as we could for a local charity that we could donate them to. We ended up making 113 sandwiches that day, and our total per year would grow ever since.

Now, the event has grown to about 100 people every year, and we are making about 2,000 sandwiches every year that we donate to local charities. The experience is very important to me because I know I am working for people who are less fortunate than me, which makes my friends and I want to make even more sandwiches. This is an important event for my family and I because it is a great thing to know you are helping people that don’t have as much as you have, and making the sandwiches can be fun too!
TJ Zimmermann, age 14

I think it is so cool that everyone gets to see their friends but at the same time gets to give to the less fortunate. It can be really fun, too!
Sam Zimmermann, age 9

Many people don’t realize just how easy it is to give back to your community. There have been kids as young as three years old who have participated in the sandwich making. By making these sandwiches, it has taught me about helping the less fortunate and that it doesn’t have to be difficult to do community service.
Molly Zimmermann, age 13

This project to me means we are helping out people in need. It makes me feel proud because I am with my friends simply making sandwiches! It is a easy way of helping out people who are less fortunate than you.
Holden Zimmermann, age 11