Our Board of Trustees:
Kahra F. Buss – President & CEO:
Kahra F. Buss. A stay-at-home, mother of three for the last 10 years, Kahra  has accepted the challenge by the founders of live civilly, her children, to help provide solutions to the growing crises of homelessness and hunger.  Her professional background in non-profit administration and academic training in Third World Development has provided a foundation for this challenge.  She and her husband of 18 years, Joe, have listened to the conversations and ideas of their children to develop a model by which live civilly seeks to empower  young people to become actively engaged in their own success by asking, not only “Why?” but also “Why not?”

Joseph P. Buss, Jr. – Vice President :
Joseph P. Buss, Jr., is a successful Corporate Executive, US Marine and Father of three daughters. His persistence to find solutions to difficult problems whether in international crises or in corporate America is a skill he hopes to share with his children. His exemplary problem solving skills have been instrumental in the live civilly conversations with his daughters. Instead of settling for “what is” Joe challenges his daughters to desire “what can be.” By teaching problem solving skills and finding solutions to root-cause problems Joe has inspired his daughters to be actively engaged, not only in their own lives but in the lives of others. Joe’s challenge his daughters and their peers is “to leave the world better than they found it.”


Toni Farmer – Garden Projects Coordinator:
Toni Farmer, joins the Board of live civilly to share her wealth of volunteer management and agricultural skills.  As a small business owner, dedicated wife and mother of four children, Toni has spent the majority of her adult life overseeing, developing or organizing volunteer efforts in the Burlington County area.  With a background in business marketing and management, and as an experienced educator, Toni will bring to live civilly, inc. the necessary tools to develop the next tier of the organization’s mission: To engage young people in active philanthropy. Her belief is that understanding interdependence breeds natural philanthropy.

Ricky A. Lovelace Jr. – Technology & Social Media Coordinator
Ricky A. Lovelace, Jr.  joins live civilly to share his knowledge of Web Design and Social Media. Currently a Web Design/Social Media Consultant, Ricky brings a diverse skill set to the Board. With a strong background in digital media, Ricky will help build the organization’s social media presence and network.  Prior to his career in Information Technology, Ricky worked for the Moorestown Department of Parks & Recreation for 12 years in many capacities, and has worked directly with Moorestown’s youth. He understands the true meaning of “Help and Not Hinder.”  He has used this concept, starting from the ground level, and has worked his way up within the community.

Adrienne Barr – Volunteer Coordinator:
Adrienne Barr joins live civilly as the new Volunteer Coordinator to share her more than 15 years of logistics and leadership development skills. Adrienne is a busy mother of two daughters and loving wife who has served in leadership roles both professionally and philanthropically and is an active member of her community. Adrienne’s professional experience augments her volunteer management experience in the many community outreach initiatives in which she is involved. Adrienne brings a breadth of experience, passion and creativity to help grow and develop volunteer opportunities for Live Civilly. She believes that our future depends on developing today’s children into tomorrow’s community and world leaders and she is proud to be a part of live civilly’s efforts to do so.

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