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live civilly began as a family project in the spring of 2009 when founders Anna (9), Grace (5) and Abigail Buss (2) became aware that homelessness and hunger happens every day, in their town, in their community and all over the world. But they also began to understand that homelessness and hunger are merely symptoms of greater social problems.





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live civilly is committed to developing the youth of today into the conscientious decision makers of tomorrow with an understanding of basic human needs and the path to securing them. We have 3 simple methods.





Programs We Offer

Homework Help

Become a Homework Helper or come and get help at one of our homework help sessions.

Summer Lunch Program

Since 2012, between 600-900 lunches have been provided over the course of the each summer.

Garden Programs

Our community Supported Garden Programs are the perfect combination of nutritional, educational and life skills programs.

Life Skills Development

From elementary computer coding to basic skills cooking – there are fundamental, every day skills must be revisited and reinforced.


We have plenty of events from food drives to basketball tournaments. Take a look at our calendar and register for a couple.

ExCELS Snack Partnership

More than 200 healthy snacks and fresh fruit are distributed weekly to area youth during the Recreation Open Gym Program.

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Healthy Snacks

We made big strides in 2016 and plan to make bigger ones in 2017!

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