The second level of Maslow’s hierarchy is education. Education provides more than knowledge… it fosters a quest for knowledge and a means to apply that knowledge. live civilly, inc. provides youth an opportunity to seek assistance from other youth, who share the academic skills they have developed. live civilly, inc. offers an environment in which youth help youth, are free to ask questions, and are able to work in a secure environment with adult oversight. Homework Help Want to share your knowledge with students? Become a Homework Helper! The ExCELS Homework Help program provides a “walk-in” forum for students to seek educational assistance on their terms. Homework Help is located at the Church Street Recreation Center, Third Floor. Homework Help runs Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:00-5:00 PM. The Homework Help Program has been in existence since 2012 and offers youth a low-stress, open-door, peer-tutoring program. In partnership with the Moorestown Department of Parks & Recreation, live civilly, inc. has provided more than 1,200 hours of academic assistance to youth ages 6-12. Fall of 2014 will mark some improvements and new elements to the program. Interested in receiving assistance? Interested in helping? Contact us! FAQs: Q: Who comes in for help? A: Moorestown Students ages 7-15. Q: Who are the tutors/ who provides help? A: High School students and adult volunteers. Q: Is an appointment needed? A: No, the program is offered on a “walk-in” basis Maintain the Brain Maintain the Brain is a Summer Bridging Program offered in a low-stress, high support atmosphere. Students can bring their own summer materials or choose from materials provided. Hosted by the Moorestown Library, live civilly, inc. provided more than 600 hours of academic assistance to youth ages 5-12 during summer 2014. Peer tutors led academic exercises and educational games that helped build reading, writing and math skills. Interested in summer 2015? Contact us! Garden Programs through after school programs (more information coming 2015-2016)

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