ExCELS Program


The Extra Curricular, Education and Life Skills (ExCELS) program is a three-tiered program designed to address root causes to socio-economic stresses.  This program is based upon a ground up approach to a holistic educational process.  Based upon Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, live civilly, inc. has adapted his theory to develop programs to help young people identify solutions to systemic problems.

The ExCELS Program is a cooperative effort between live civilly, inc., the Moorestown Township Public Schools, the Moorestown Department of Parks and Recreation and the Moorestown Ministerium.  Based upon the principles of active engagement, students are offered opportunities and encouraged to  participate in programs designed to provide a holistic approach to success.  The Moorestown ExCELS Program is a three pronged approach designed to assist  students with after-school nutritional assistance, homework help and a path forward through a variety of efforts.