Meet Latrice!

Latrice Ellis - Live Civilly Nation

The live civilly Mission: To encourage every-day philanthropy and participation starting with our youngest citizens: To create a culture of understanding, connectivity and community and thereby offering children real opportunities for active engagement and empowering them to care for themselves and for one another.

“My name is Latrice. I am 10 years old and a 5th grade student at the U.E.S.   I am collecting “new” and “gently used” coats to donate to people who cannot afford to provide winter coats for themselves and their children.  As this is my first try I would like to collect at least 100 coats, more would be better, for men, women and mostly children to donate to various shelters around Burlington / Camden County with the help of live civilly.  I know there are so many organizations doing the same type of community service this time of the year, but I wanted to help someone else. I hope you will help me reach my goal!!  I will be collecting coats starting at the Moorestown Tree Lighting event on December 5 and it will end on Friday December 16, 2016.  You can bring your coats to the Tree Lighting event and I will be posting, through live civilly, other drop off locations. Thank you for helping me reach my goal!”

Latrice participated in the live civilly Community Service Club at the UES in Spring of 2016. Throughout her participation, Latrice would ask thoughtful, insightful questions about how she could help her community.  This fall, Latrice contacted live civilly to ask if she could do her own service project.  After she and her mother discussed different ways to help she decided she wanted to do a Winter Coat Drive.  In speaking with Latrice I asked her about what prompted her to collect coats.  “ I want to help people who don’t have winter coats.  I see people without them and it made me want to help.”  Latrice feels that mostly children need winter coats but that she knows adults do too. When I asked her where she plans to give the coats she explained that she and her mother have explored some local options to include Providence House in Delanco and a domestic abuse shelter in Camden.

When I asked Latrice if there was anything she wanted to share or if there was something people should know about donating Latrice Ellis - Live Civilly Nationcoats, she simply said, “ I want people to know that they can change someone’s life by donating.  It may seem little, but it can make a huge difference in someone’s life.”

Thank you, Latrice!  On behalf of live civilly Nation we thank you for being an active member of the community and for thinking about ways you can help others! Thank YOU for helping us to achieve our Mission, and for being part of the live civilly of “people helping people helping people.”

Coats will be accepted at the Community House Tree Lighting on Monday December 5.   Additional locations after December 5 will be listed on the live civilly Facebook page.

Please consider donating gently used and new winter coats to Latrice Ellis’ Winter Coat Drive, sponsored by live civilly.  For more information please visit or email us at