Friday, July 11 is the first summer collection for FOOD FOR ALL, the collaborative anti-hunger initiative in Moorestown.  Food For All donations will be conducted through the following community partners: the Moorestown Department of Parks & Recreation, the Township of Moorestown the Moorestown Library, Sunnybrook Swim Club and other community partners! After recent visits to the local pantries, it is apparent that the need for nutritional assistance is outpacing the level of donations this summer.  PLEASE CONSIDER DONATING!

Donations will be accepted now through Friday, July 11.  Collection locations include:  Baker Elementary School (9am – 1pm), Roberts Elementary School (9am – 1pm), South Valley Elementary School (9am – 1pm), WAMS 9(am – 1pm), New Albany Recreation Center (8:30am- 1pm), the Church Street Recreation Center (8:30am – 4:30pm), the Moorestown Library (9am – 9pm Th; 9am – 5pm Fr; 9 am- 1pm Sat), and Sunnybrook Swim Club (12 noon- 8:45 pm).  All food collected is directed to the three local food pantries in Moorestown.

Live Civilly Food DriveAdditionally, the Moorestown Library and the Church Street Recreation Center will continue to host collections.  Collection boxes are available at both locations at all times.

Donation suggestions:  Each of the local pantries provides a stock of non-perishable food items for distribution.  Pantries will accept many items including: canned vegetables, canned fruits, canned and dried beans, pasta sauces, canned meat (tuna, salmon, chicken, meat ball pastas), pasta, rice, cereal, oatmeal, powdered or shelvable milk and shelvable juices.  All donations are directed to local families in need of assistance through three local food pantries:  Bethel AME Pantry, First Baptist Pantry and the live civilly, inc./Moorestown Ministerium Pantry at St. Matthew Lutheran Church, all located in Moorestown.Live Civilly Food Drive

Food For All is a community effort performed with the support of local non-profits, live civilly, inc., MooreKids, Our Shared Ground and Sean Fischel Connect, as well as the MEA, MTPS teachers and students. The Food For All project occurs on the 2nd Friday of each month and is a food drive that supports the Bethel AME Pantry, First Baptist Pantry and the live civilly, inc./Moorestown Ministerium Pantry to help local families in need. The local non-profits serve as connectors and help to facilitate delivery and assistance at the pantries.

This summer Moorestown youth will continue their assistance of the anti-hunger initiatives in a variety of capacities: from academic studies of the effort to developing new networks and ideas to help maintain food reserves for local families. live civilly, inc.’s partnerships with its own Community Supported Gardens, Our Shared Ground, the Burlington County Famers Market and Browning- Hess Farm will bring fresh produce to families as well. For more information about collaborative efforts please contact us at

live civilly, inc. has set up youth and family volunteer opportunities EVERY FRIDAY so that our youngest community members can actively engage in the sorting and organization of pantry goods. Volunteers are given the opportunity to actively engage in the pantry operations and are given a lesson about food insecurity and ways to help. If you or your family is interested in volunteering at the pantry please visit our Sign Up Genius – email lookup:  THANK YOU!