This week, live civilly, inc. will join SHINE Power Yoga in Maple Shade for its week-long Kids Yoga Camp.  Each day children will be encouraged to discover what it means to be “mindful,” and to develop awareness and explore their place in “The Now.”  live civilly, inc. is honored to be asked to join SHINE this week and discuss how service is tied to mindfulness and its importance in our every day approach.

Live Civilly - SHINE Yoga
When Studio owner, Wanda Gilhool, approached live civilly, inc. and asked if we would like to partner with SHINE Yoga Studio we were thrilled.  live civilly, inc.’s Mission is very simple:  To encourage every-day philanthropy starting with our youngest citizens. By encouraging our youngest community members to be aware and mindful about their community we begin the process of mindfulness and understanding that helps to breed empathy.  Empathy in turn creates a culture in which our youth connect with each other despite differences.  Empathy is tough…empathy requires the individual to step outside of oneself and identify the emotion, feelings and thoughts of someone else.  Empathy is a skill that if learned early, helps individuals develop a more peaceful environment and more successful community.


live civilly, inc. has created a series of programs and projects that encourage young people to become not only aware of, but also involved in, issues within their community.  live civilly, inc. encourages involvement in the areas of Nutritional, Educational and Life Skills Security.  However, live civilly, inc. is also developing resources for youth to become involved in other aspects of the community: from Wildlife and Domestic Animal initiatives to Environmental Concerns.  Each person’s passions are fueled by their experiences and affinities, but ultimately lead to a more stable and balanced environment.  By helping youth to develop their passions and become engaged in their community, live civilly, inc. is creating a youth movement – one that encourages active involvement rather than passive acceptance.


SHINE Yoga Studio is owned and operated by Yogi Wanda Gilhool.  Wanda describes her immersion into yoga and its benefits in the following way:  “What I love about this style of yoga is its simplicity; it speaks to everybody & every body. It is a simple avenue to transformation… begins with the muscles quivering, but ends with our insides trembling with possibility, the feeling of freedom and the letting go of what holds us back from our authentic self! I get very excited getting to know the students and really show them ways to access their bodies more freely! I don’t believe there is a separation between student and teacher, we are that for each other.”  Her journey has spanned more than 20 years and includes an engagement with every community to which she is connected: her immediate personal community, her local community and her global community – from daily classes to the Africa Yoga Project Wanda’s practice and studio strive to establish mindfulness and a presence for every person.


            The Mission of SHINE Yoga:  SHINE Power Yoga is inspired by the teachings of Baron Baptiste & Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga. The Studio is heated to 96 degrees with added humidity. Yes, you will sweat, No we will not open the door or turn on the fan. The intensity of our yoga program is set to mimic the intensity of our lives…..breakthrough instead of breakdown!! This is how we SHINE! SHINE Power Yoga’s mission for each student to leave the studio Inspired & Empowered and up to something BIG! To SHINE Inward to Outward! To feel a Community of people who want to light up our Planet! Our studio is committed to creating & educating yogis of all ages. We commit to give back to our world in every way we see possible!

You  SHINE,  I  SHINE,  your children  SHINE,  we all  SHINE!


live civilly, inc. and SHINE Power Yoga are looking forward to partnering during a week of youth activity and transformation.  Encouraging and facilitating youth involvement ultimately creates a culture of empathy and connectivity to develop a community that is connected, a community that breeds tolerance and active engagement.  live civilly, inc. facilitates a culture that encourages children to become agents of change within their community.  For more information visit or