lLive Civilly - Enviornmental Elvesive civilly, inc. is proud to offer its firstEnvironmental Service Project to youth and families!  This exciting opportunity is a great way for families to watch the Annual Moorestown Holiday Parade together, while still performing a valuable community service.  In an effort to encourage our youth to be aware of our every-day, community environment, live civilly, inc. is recruiting ENVIRONMENTAL ELVES!

So, what is an Environmental Elf?  Environmental Elves are live civilly, inc. volunteers who help to keep our town and local environment clean and free of debris!  Environmental Elves can be any age, however, elves under the age of 13 must be in the company of an adult.  live civilly, inc. is currently recruiting Environmental Elves the 2014 Moorestown Lions Club Holiday Parade.  The Holiday Parade is scheduled for Saturday, December 6 at 12 noon.

Being an Environmental Elf is an active project!  For the Holiday Parade, youth volunteers, or Elves, will be supplied with “work gloves,” Environmental Elf t-shirts and trash bags.  Volunteers will be stationed along the parade route to help keep the events clean and free from trash and manageable until garbage collection takes place.  Elves will be asked to put filled trash bags next to existing trash cans along Main Street during the parade in an effort to keep our local downtown beautiful.  Parades and events often generate extra trash and existing trash cans are not enough to contain the mess.   Because municipal trash collection only picks up what is bagged, live civilly, inc. wants to encourage our youth to think about ways to help keep the environment clean.  Working together, as a community, helps to achieve common goals.

Live Civilly - Enviornmental ElvesHow do you and your families become Environmental Elves?  It’s easy!  Sign up with live civilly, inc. on their Environmental Elf Sign-Up Genius!  The Sign Up can be accessed by searching “Live Civilly” on the www.SignupGenius.com website or by clicking this link.  One week prior to each event a confirmation email along with a parental release form and instructions will be sent.  live civilly, inc. will provide additional information as well as on “onsite training” opportunity the day of the parade.   Elves should report to the Moorestown Community House no later than 11:30.  Elves will be given their assigned location along the parade route and detailed instructions about the event.  Elves wishing to document their time can receive service hours from live civilly, inc..  Parents/guardians are encouraged to ask questions and accompany their youth along the parade route.  A check-in and check-out system will be established.  Parents and guardians will receive detailed information and waivers prior to the event.


The Environmental Elf project is just one of the many programs live civilly, inc. has created to encourage young people to become not only aware of, but also involved in, issues within their community.  live civilly, inc.; encourages involvement in the areas of Nutritional, Educational and Life Skills Security.  However, live civilly, inc. is also developing resources for youth to become involved in other aspects of the community: from Wildlife and Domestic Animal initiatives to Environmental Concerns.  2015 will be the beginning of the live civilly, inc. Community Service Club for grades 4-6. Each person’s passions are fueled by their experiences and affinities, but ultimately lead to a more stable and balanced environment.  By helping youth to develop their passions and become engaged in their community, live civilly, inc. is creating a youth movement – one that encourages active involvement rather than passive acceptance.

Business owners or organizations interested in sponsoring the Environmental Elves should contact Kahra Buss at 856-313-9853 or kahra@livecivilly.org.  Sponsorships range from $100-$250.

Help live civilly, inc. enter the holiday season green!  It’s all about people helping people helping people helping people!