About a year ago, I was introduced to Live Civilly and was unaware how much it would impact my family. We have volunteered for the Food Pantry at St Matthew’s Ministerium several times and it showed us that we can make a big impact in other’s lives just by donating a short amount of time. You can give as much or little time as you’d like and there are many opportunities to help, there’s no shortage of events. So far, we have helped stock and sort food at the food pantry, clean up trash at the holiday parade in the form of “Environmental Elves”, collect food at the Moorestown Tree lighting and collected food at the local town hall and library for the “Food for All Friday” initiative. We look forward to working as a family at these events, it has truly brought us closer and given us a good perspective of how much we truly have and how we can help others. We are truly blessed to be part of this wonderful organization. – Kati Angelini