Ahhhh – the sweet smell of spring!  I don’t know about all of you but this winter seemed to go on FOREVER!  That’s why we at Live Civilly are so excited about the warming temperatures and bright sunshine.  Spring means Live Civilly Spring Gardenthawing ground and thawing ground means GARDENS!  That’s right!  This year, Live Civilly is excited to announce the expansion of the UES Gardens and the development of gardens at WAMS and Roberts School.  These expansions will allow our Community Supported Gardens the opportunity to provide more and more fresh produce for local families.

Since Live Civilly is all about youth involvement, we thought we would take a moment to let you know about the several ways youth and families can become involved. The gardens have been a great success over Live Civilly Spring Gardenthe last two years and we welcome any help you would like to give!

Try the Grow One – Give One Program!  We need youth volunteers to start seedlings at home starting immediately!  Live Civilly will provide the seed starting supplies: containers, soil, seeds.  This program Live Civilly Spring Gardenwas a huge hit last year!  Families participated in growing various kinds of vegetable seeds and had the joy of watching these seedlings grow!  Participating youth and families will receive expert instruction from Live Civilly Community Supported Garden Gardeners.  Children should plant the seeds and water and care for the seedlings until June 5th.  On June 5 families can deliver half or more of the seedlings to our Garden Coordinator, Toni Farmer for the Live Civilly Youth Seedling sale on Moorestown Day, Saturday June 6.  Families who would like Live Civilly Spring Garden 2015to start their own gardens can keep half the seedlings they started for themselves!

Join the One Garden – One Week Program!  New to gardening and want to learn?  Love to garden and want to share your knowledge?  We need families to help care for of one of the four Live Civilly Community Supported Gardens in one week increments during the summer.  The four locations are Camden Avenue gardens; Moorestown Upper Elementary School (UES); William Allen Middle School (WAMS) and Mary Roberts Elementary School.  Youth and families are welcome to sign up for more than one week or more than one garden.  During each selected week, young people and their parents come daily to theLive Civilly Spring Garden garden they have signed up for and will water and weed.  They will also harvest any produce that is ready and deliver it to one of the local food pantries in town. We are hoping to donate over 200 pounds of fresh vegetables this summer!  You can sign up here for the summer schedule:  http://www.signupgenius.com/go/9040b4fafac2ea46-live3

Live Civilly is also seeking adults who are interested in helping with the Live Civilly Community Supported Garden initiatives.  Adults are needed to join the Live Civilly Garden Committee to help provide support to the growing number of Live Civilly Community Supported Gardens.  Adult volunteers will help with workshops Live Civilly Spring Gardenat the UES and other schools approximately once each month and/or provide oversight for one of our local gardens during the summer.  As a committee member who will help provide workshops, adults will work closely with Toni Farmer and with a Moorestown teacher to help teach students about plant life, gardening, nutrition and sustainability.  A curriculum will be provided and a format for the workshops will be established.

For committee members interested in over-seeing the Live Civilly Community Supported Gardens over the summer Live Civilly will provide a check-list, volunteerLive Civilly Spring Garden schedule and harvesting and delivery schedule for volunteers.  Committee members will assist volunteers who sign up for the One Garden – One Week with any questions during their week of care.  Committee members may be asked to meet with families to provide a brief overview of the gardens, information about access, Live Civilly Spring Gardenharvesting, and any other questions.  For adults interested in volunteering please contact Toni Farmer at farmersonmain@comcast.net .

Join the Live Civilly Community Supported Gardens programs – there are so many to choose from!  Join us in helping bring fresh produce to our local pantries, gardening education to our youth and … oh wait, did we mention cooking programs?  Stay tuned for our next blog!!