In March of 2015, Live Civilly received a phone call from Moorestown native, resident and
notable realtor, Naoji Moriuchi. The phone call started something like this… “Hi. I am wondering
if you would like to partner with me on a new program I have been wanting to start?” As Naoji
explained his recent move to Keller Williams Realty and the new program, “Doing Well and Doing
Good” we were intrigued! It was a phenomenal idea and a means of giving back to the community
in a new and unique way.

Mr. Moriuchi explained to Live Civilly that this program was an extension of his family’s
experiences and the generosity of others. Moriuchi had grown up in Moorestown, but originally his
Father’s side immigrated to the United States via California. His grandmother and grandfather were
born in California, but were put in an internment camp during WWII because they were Japanese
Americans. At that time his grandfather and great grandfather lost their farm in California.
Following the conclusion of the war, through the Quaker farming community in the Cherry Hill and
Moorestown area Naoji’s grandfather was given an opportunity to farm and earn a living. The
impact of the Quaker community on Mr. Moriuchi’s family was life-altering, and the strong belief of
“giving back” is a belief that is not lost on Naoji. The philosophy of “Doing Well and Doing
Good” is ingrained in the Quaker lifestyle and was celebrated during the 225th Anniversary of
Moorestown Friends School. Mr. Moriuchi realizes many people give, but wanted to align this
personal philosophy with his work and clients. Mr. Moriuchi told the Moorestown Sun, “My
interpretation of [Doing Well and Doing Good] is to provide for my family while having a positive
impact on my community.” Naoji’s proposal is to have clients choose a local charity of their choice
and donate 10% of the net income from the sale of their house to that organization.

When Mr. Moriuchi called to tell us about the program, he had some additional news – the
first client to whom he proposed this idea jumped right on board and chose Live Civilly as the
organization of their choice! We were flattered and thrilled! As a 100% volunteer organization that
operates through the generosity of donated time and dollars, every penny that is donated is directed
to the many programs we run and helps to ensure their success.

When you look at the Live Civilly calendar on our website you will find programs that
operate year round. From Homework Help and Maintain the Brain to Community Supported
Gardens and the Live Civilly/Moorestown Ministerium Food Pantry there are youth service
opportunities for young people year-round. Interwoven with these larger programs are the
additional initiatives like the Summer Lunch Program, the Seed Starting Projects, the Community
Service Club and the Environmental Elf programs. Each program functions through the efforts of
young people, developing their sense of philanthropy, there-by creating the next generation of
conscientious decision-makers.

When Live Civilly began, it began with the idea that encouraging young people to participate
in activities that benefit their community was essential to the health of the community. Encouraging
young people to engage in efforts in their community is the philosophy of the organization. Every
little effort – every small gesture – means something and helps the community. There are so many
opportunities for youth to become involved in their community and Live Civilly helps to connect
young people with service. Much like Mr. Moriuchi’s “Doing Well and Doing Good” Campaign,
Live Civilly encourages youth to participate in what may appear to be a small, individual acts of
goodness, but in reality, the ripple effect of each small effort is exponential.

For example, Live Civilly has been running food drives and partnering with local
organizations to help fill the shelves at the Live Civilly/Moorestown Ministerium Food Pantry
often times, through efforts like Food For All or independent food drives, children donate one or
more non-perishable items. As a result, the food pantry has distributed more than 100,000 meals
since opening in 2011…think one small effort doesn’t make a difference? Think again. Many hands
make light work.

Thank you Naoji Moriuchi, of Keller Williams Realty, Moorestown for starting this wonderful program and for your recent donation to Live Civilly. The exponential impact of the dollars donated can be seen through all of our programs and all Live Civilly initiatives! For more information about Naoji Moriuchi and his “Doing Well and Doing Good” campaign you can contact him at or visit For more
information about Live Civilly visit our website and sign up for our blog. Visit our volunteer page to get involved and join the Live Civilly Nation filled with “people helping people helping people.”