This summer live civilly is pleased to announce a variety of service opportunities for local youth. From our on-going programs to our short-term and one-day projects, live civilly is providing opportunities for children grades K-12 to serve our local, regional and global community.

Already, local youth and families are growing seedlings for the live civilly gardening programs Grow One, Give One and One Garden-One Week! The Grow One Give One program provides children the opportunity to grow vegetable seedlings for the live civilly Community Supported Gardens and the Seedling Sale a Moorestown Day. Our third annual seedling sale will make seedlings available for a modest donation – all donations benefit live civilly agriculture programs which in turn provide hands-on educational experience for youth and families, and fresh produce that is delivered weekly to local food pantries. The One Garden One Week program will begin in June and run through September and there are three locations to choose from: The Upper Elementary School, Mary Roberts Elementary School and Camden Avenue gardens. The gardens located at WAMS and MHS will be on hold until after construction is finished and Fall 2016 will see the ground-breaking of a new garden at South Valley School.

Additionally, the live civilly/Moorestown Ministerium Food Pantry will be looking for weekly volunteers to help collect, deliver, mark and stock food for the pantry. Each week, families can offer an hour of their time to make sure the food pantries are stocked for our community. Each summer, with the loss of school lunches, increased child care costs and seasonal employment families continue to need nutritional support. Please consider volunteering for one of the many opportunities associated with the Food Pantry.

In addition to the on-going programs, live civilly will be conducting a variety of “one-day service initiatives” offering children the opportunity to be actively involved in an assortment of programs throughout the summer. From game-day at an Elder Care facility to cultural exchange programs, live civilly is working with many new and exciting partners to offer this outreach. Some of the projects we are working on are Habitat for Humanity, Summer Lunch Program, independent food drives and more! Are you looking for meaningful, hands-on, volunteer experiences for you and your family? live civilly offers something for everyone!

  • Project “Aglagvik” – school supply drive and cultural exchange program with Native Alaskans
  • Grow One Give One (Seed-Starting for Community Supported Gardens)
  • One Garden-One Week (Community Supported Gardens care)
  • Food Pantry sorting and stocking
  • Food Pantry collections and deliveries
  • Maintain the Brain –
  • Literacy Buddy Program
  • August Workbook Cram-Jam
  • Game Day with Seniors

Does your child have a project they would like to get off the ground? Do they need assistance spreading the word? Or perhaps with the logistics? Or maybe they just need the support of an established organization that can help them to facilitate the project? Live Civilly is committed to empowering young people to make positive changes within their communities. For more information about how we can support your efforts, please contact us today!

Be sure to sign up for our blog, “like” us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and Instagram and check in regularly! This summer will be filled with new service opportunities for local youth. Visit our website at and email us with any questions!