On Sunday, December 12 The Phildelphia Inquirer ran a story about the creation of the “live civlly” movement and “little man’s” creators.  Check them out at the following link:
Thank you to Kevin Riordan and his interest in this story!!

Thank you to Dave Huddleston at CBS3 and his weekly “Brotherly Love” segment. The piece originally aired Wednesday, January 19 with a re-broadcast on
January 20.  Thank you Dave for your interest in our cause! 
Read the story and watch the video at:

Visit the Moorestown Patchand watch for the monthly Live Civilly article!  Anna, Grace and Abigail will be highlighting people, organizations and events that connect with their message of “living civilly.”  The February article was written by co-founder Anna and can be found HERE!

Following the President’s State of the Union address, we received communication from Professor Dr. Wayne Becker, University of Michigan, Ross School of Business.  Hear what he has to say about “live civilly” and its relevancy to the President’s desire to achieve civility.  Please select the blogs from February 2011, “A New Civility: Will Our Children Lead the Way?”

South Jersey Magazine (February 2011) highlighted the “live civilly” campaign in its “Southern Exposure.”  This most recent article reported on the exciting new news about the new Food Pantry the “live civilly” campaign has opened.  Read more about Kids on a Mission at

Named by the Moorestown Patch one of the

Thank you to Philadelphia Magazine for honoring Live Civilly as three of the “Eight kids who will restore your faith in the future.”
Find Live Civilly on p. 76 of the December 2011 issue!