Nutritional Programs

Looking at the Maslow’s hierarchy triangle live civilly has adopted, Nutritional Stability is the base layer. Basic nutrition for every human being is essential. Consistent, good nutrition promotes the healthy development of bodies and brains. In 2007, The Sodexo Foundation put forth a study entitled the Economic Cost of Domestic Hunger. In this study the researchers from the Harvard School of Public Health, Brandeis University and Loyola University documented statistic after statistic on the “cost” of hunger. This study has highlighted, not only the immediate impacts of hunger on youth and families (delayed physical and mental development, emotional issues), but also, the prolonged impacts, like rises in prolonged health care costs for individuals as a result of diseases and complications from extended periods of poor/mal-nutrition. Additionally, the “cost” to the individual and the society is a reduction in mental productivity, physical capabilities and a diminished ability to become independent productive members of society.

In an effort to help young people overcome this rising hurdle, live civilly has established a variety of programs and initiatives that focus on nutritional outreach.
Food Drive Sponsorship – Conduct your own food drive, live civilly can help!

Do you, your family, or your organization want to sponsor a food drive? live civilly has initiated the “Food Drive Sponsor” opportunity in response to an overwhelming request by youth and families to help. live civilly will provide you with information, collection boxes, logistics support and printed materials. Simply sign up for a designated time during the year and we will help you conduct a food drive to benefit one of the many pantries we help serve.

Simply click here to be a Food Drive Sponsor

Current Nutritional Programs

H.O.W. (Healthy Options Workshops) We Stay Healthy:Register Button
live civilly in cooperation with the Department of Parks & Recreation will begin its monthly “Friday Night Make-N-Take” for local youth starting March 2016. This H.O.W. program will be FREE and will provide youth with a “best choice” practice with regard to nutrition and exercise. The Friday night Make-N-Take program will include nutritional instruction, cooking instruction and the opportunity for each attendee to take a meal home for their family. The emphasis will be placed on low cost, easy access foods to prove that good nutrition can be achieved on a tight budget. Additionally, the program will focus on “best choice” nutritional options for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.

ExCELS Snack partnership:
live civilly is proud to partner with the Moorestown Department of Parks & recreation and the Moorestown Ministerium to help provide nutritional after school snacks through the Open Gym program at the Church Street Recreation Center. More than 200 healthy snacks and fresh fruit are distributed weekly to area youth during the Recreation Open Gym Program. For information about how to donate to this on-going program please Contact Us with your questions.

Summer Lunch Program:
Each summer live civilly partners with the Moorestown Department of Parks & Recreation to provide nutritional lunches to students attending summer programs through scholarship. Scholarships are provided to qualifying youth by partner organizations FEP (Friends Enrichment Program) and MooreKids. Since 2012 live civilly has provided more than 1500 healthy lunches to youth. The Summer Lunch Program provides between 600 -900 lunches over the course of the summer. Lunches consist of sandwiches, fresh fruit, dried fruit or “fruit leathers,” granola bars, water and a second drink option plus a fun snack.

Opportunities to donate money, food or time to this program is welcomed. This is a great project for a family! Additionally, families can sign up to make lunches for the Summer Parks Program. For more information contact us about volunteering!

Coupon Collection Program – Perfect for young volunteers!
In cooperation with the Moorestown High School Special Needs Job Coaches live civilly is requesting donations of weekly newspaper coupon inserts. These coupons are collected and delivered to the Jobs Development Program at Moorestown High School to assist Special Needs Students develop valuable motor skills and organizational skills. When the students have clipped and organized the coupons they return them to live civilly for distribution to local pantries. Clients of the pantries are invited to take coupons to help them additionally ease their food cost burden.

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