Visit live civilly, inc. at Moorestown Day! Buy a seedling grown by youth volunteers! Paint a garden marker to go with it! Get a tattoo (temporary of course)! Share your civic thoughts and sign up for summer activities! Win a Gift Certificate to Browning Hess Farm! It is all going on this Saturday!!

The live civilly, inc. booth will be in front of The Cubby Hole on Main Street. live civilly, inc. will be showing off all of the progress we have made since last year’s Moorestown Day! Please also visit the National Karate Institute who will be hosting a Break-A-Thon to benefit live civilly, inc.. Learn how to break a board with your hand and raise money to benefit a local pantry!

Last year, at Moorestown Day live civilly, inc. was excited to let everyone know about the Community Supported Garden and this year there is so much more to share! live civilly, inc.’s mission is to inspire our youngest citizens to become actively involved in making their community a DSC_1716better place. By focusing innovative youth involvement programs on the social issues of nutritional insecurity and educational imbalances live civilly, inc. is creating a true path of active engagement. This path leads our youngest community members on a journey of understanding, tolerance and empathy. By creating an environment that educates young people about social issues, without developing an “Us versus Them” mentality is how we overcome the obstacles of misunderstanding and intolerance and ultimately work more collectively to benefit our community as a whole.

live civilly, inc. has created Youth Pantry Days where young people (as young as 4) can help stock pantry shelves while receiving a short presentation about nutritional insecurity, what it is, why it is and how they can help. Every Friday afternoon, youth volunteers sign up to help the live civilly, inc./ Moorestown Ministerium Food Pantry. Additionally, live civilly, inc. has helped to establish a community wide network through the monthly food collection, Food For All. Fall 2014 will mark the full manifestation of this project. And this summer marks the third summer of the Summer Parks Lunch Program. Over the last two years more than 1500 lunches have been provided to youth attending the Moorestown Department of Parks & Recreation Summer Parks Program who require nutritional assistance. Hunger doesn’t take summer vacation so neither do we!

live civilly, inc. has developed Educational Assistance Programs which focus on providing academically proficient youth with an opportunity to help others who are struggling with academic elements. Academically successful youth work with younger students and peers, to help with academic challenges through the live civilly, inc. Homework Help, Maintain the Brain (summer bridging) and the new Voices in the Park read-aloud program. By giving mature students an opportunity to share and teach the knowledge they possess we achieve three successes: 1)Students develop a mastery of subjects, which they then “teach” to other students; 2) students who struggle academically are able to receive low-pressure assistance from a peer or older student and 3) Peer mentors and protégés develop relationships which help build confidence, character and skills.

Combining the nutritional and educational pieces of its mission, live civilly, inc. offers youth and their families an opportunity to learn and share life skills through Community Supported Garden Projects. These projects include building gardens (whether at the UES, at the Moorestown Garden Club’s Camden Avenue location or in conjunction with Habitat for Humanity of Burlington County), tending and harvesting produce and coordinating deliveries to DSC_0010local food pantries. Additionally, Fall of 2014 will mark the beginning of nutritional education programs to include Youth “Make and Take” Cooking Classes and recipe development. 2014 will also mark the beginning of other Life Skills opportunities to include Youth Bloggers, Conscientious Collaborators, Youth Code Club, Special Needs connections and more!

live civilly, inc. lives its motto: people helping people helping people. There are is always a way for each of us to help someone else. Join the Live Civilly movement– there is something for everyone! Sign up today!